Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for our services

Effective date: January 1, 2021

TADL Code of Conduct


The main objective of the TADL community spaces is bringing people together to discuss and experience TADL – our awesome communication platform. This Code of Conduct is mainly written in mind for Open.TADL, but in its spirit will be applied to other TADL community spaces as well.

When new visitors enter a channel, you should acknowledge their arrival especially if you’re engaged in social chit-chat / passing time. Failure to do so is likely to result in them leaving the channel feeling unwelcome.

You should try to minimize the chances of conflict by being open-minded and accepting of others. Understand that we each have a unique set of values, and we are all entitled to our own opinions.

Feel free to share your views on someone else’s problem as an outsider, but avoid using excessive force, and don’t expect your thoughts and ideas to be accepted all of the time.

We’re mainly an English speaking community but welcome all nationalities. If you find yourself speaking primarily in a different language in an open channel or discussion, please PM that person to continue the conversation in a separate channel.

Unwanted behavior

We do not want the following behavior on open.TADL:

  • Soliciting / advertising

  • Offensive, rude, disruptive and unwanted

  • Posting of pornographic / gore / nude images

  • Harassment, name-calling, racist or sexist remarks, profanity towards others and other forms of bullying

  • Insensitive behavior – this will be judged by the reaction of others in the channel

  • Flirting or adult content – take these conversations elsewhere

  • Posting of links (URLs) to offensive material, sites hosting malware, initiating downloads or promoting illegal activities

  • Flooding the chat, spamming, multiple repeats of the same or slightly modified messages

  • Reregistering under another account after you have been banned and still under a ban period

Reporting unwanted behavior

Users affected by unwanted behavior can mute other users or report them to the administrators of either the group, discussion or the open.TADL server. You can contact the server administrator by emailing and put in subject line “reporting-abuse”

Process in case of unwanted behavior

If you are asked to modify your behavior or given some other form of instruction but fail to comply, you are likely to be removed from the channel, the discussion or the whole server for a discretionary or unlimited period of time depending on the severity of the matter, depending on the administrator’s decision.

Depending on the severity of the misbehavior, users can get banned without warning or be issued a warning. Should administrators deem a subject matter to be inappropriate for the channel and / or the current audience, they may at their discretion make contact via Private Message, making clear any requirement to cease discussing the topic, or – as per their permission level – ban the user. A ban may be temporary (in form of a ban period) or permanent. In addition, the server administrator has the right to remove your user account.

When being corrected by an administrator, please do not argue with them in the main chat. You should request a PM session to help avoid conflict and keep the involvement of others to a minimum.

Attacking administrators in a channel will likely result in a ban. Any genuine visitor should respect their decisions – they have nothing to gain from issuing bans / mutes and are doing so to the best of their ability, on behalf of the community.

Administrators may also choose to request users to leave if they’re deemed to be a risk to the safety of the general users / guests within the channel. Not adhering to the request will result in manual removal;

If you believe that an administrator has misused their authority and you have complied 100% with the rules documented on this page, please forward the following details to support@TADL, including the following information:

  • administrator’s open.TADL nickname;

  • What you believe they have done that demonstrates an abuse of power;

  • Associated dates and times – required to review log files etc.

Note that it can take some time to review log files and liaise with the administrator team, so please don’t expect an immediate response.

In case of a ban period issued, you are welcome to return to the channel once your ban period expires, but please be mindful of the reason(s) you got banned, abide by the rules and take into account any administrator feedback received.