How To Order

Just A Few Steps

We make the process easy, fun and smooth.  

1. Contact Our Sales Team

Email our sales team, and you'll be asked a series of questions for billing and to establish your TADL account. Included will be the custom URL you want to use and the number of users you plan on having within your account.

2. Monthly Reoccurring Plan

You'll pick one of our two monthly plans (Flex or Enterprise). The number of users and features you plan on implementing will determine your monthly billing and once you have chosen and agreed we move to the next step.

3. Review & Pay Invoice

Once you've agreed upon a plan and features we send you an invoice for to review and if things are satisfactory just pay directly and we will start the process of setting up your account.

4. Confirmation Email

Once we've completed setting up your account a confirmation email will be sent to let you know that your TADL account has been completed. Included in the email will be the URL of your choosing and the link to your TADL.

5. Start Using Your TADL Account

All that's left to do is login and start letting your users create profiles and start chatting right away.