Decentralize Communication In The Global World

Protection of Your Privacy

We can help sculpt an experience that integrates your favorite apps as well as keeps you secured from unwanted intrusions.  TADL makes messaging so secure and private our clients trust us with their data.

TADL is a private messaging platform that can be accessed through the web.  User are able to connect on every major web browser without any issues.  TADL can also be deployed through a private VPN and kept off the main web.  Our biggest accomplishment is the ability to support HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

Security & Privacy

Data Security

No algorithms, Advertisers and we don't sell your information.

Secured Servers

Our server farm is highly trusted and set to the highest industry standards.


Hop to hop encryption protects your communication at every step.

Private Channels

Users can set public and private channels. Its completely up to them how they choose to talk, text or chat.


Our platform is flexible and adaptive. Enterprise accounts have the ability to customize their integrations.


TADL has the ability to translate languages if users aren't from the same regions.