Enhanced Communication on a Reliable & Secure Platform

TADL is the next step in communication.  A secure, peer to peer talk, text and video conferencing platform. 

Coordination of your workflow through a seamless platform

TADL’s helps improve your organizations connectivity and strips you of having to use multiple platforms to achieve your goals.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to how powerful of a tool you’ll have at your fingertips.  


A platform that promotes efficiency & security

Communicate on all of your devices, increase the productivity of your team and keep them organized.  Create private or public channels, integrate apps like Zoom for video conferencing.  Teams will never lose a sleep over the privacy and security of their communication.

Tools For Teams

Take your communication global securely with an internal centralized server.

Delete Your Email

Private communication removes the need for emails.  No need to check your inbox or stress the inability to send large files.  With TADL users can group their contacts by office, region, or team.  Communicate directly without ever having to cc or bcc your counterparts.

Designed to fit your needs

With TADL organizations can sculpt their experience.  We manage, protect and store your data and communication.  Our Enterprise plans can be structured to fit the needs of your organization.  We work directly with you to deliver the best setup possible. 

Security Is Priority

Protecting your data is our number one priority.  TADL has multiple features to ensure that you are being protected at all times.  We offer End to End Encryption, 2 factor authentication and custom permissions.  Our platform can also be configured to be CCPA, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant.